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Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2012

Well, that time of year to stop and think about all of the things that you’re grateful for has come and passed. While my post regarding Thanksgiving in Koga is forthcoming, I thought I’d quickly post a belated list of what I’m thankful for. Since Thanksgiving fell on the 22nd this year, I decided to come up with twenty-two things I’m thankful for. These are all things that I’m just pulling off the top of my head, so it probably will be pretty easy to spot what’s been kicking around in my head lately.

Without further ado… The List

1) My (huge!) family
2) Old friends
3) New friends
4) Those I teach
5) Those who teach me
6) The insulated tumbler I recently bought at Starbucks
7) No-bake pie recipes
8) My electronic dictionary
9) Taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy (bonus points if you get the reference)
10) Studying Japanese through language immersion
11) A lack of sprained ankles in the past year (excuse me while I go knock on wood)
12) Chocolate
13) Peanut butter
14) The combination of chocolate and peanut butter
15) Being fluent in English (kudos to Jess for pointing this one out!)
16) Heated toilet seats
17) Skype
18) Music
19) Living in Japan
20) Hot Tea
21) The section in Maruzen bookstore that has books written in English
22) A job that I’m (usually) happy to wake up in the morning for.
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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