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The Photo Dump Post

April 5, 2012

Dear readers, you have waited so patiently and I thank you for it. Here is what you have long waited for: photos of my apartment and my car!

When you first step into my apartment, there’s a black tile area that acts as my 玄関 (genkan), or entryway. This is where you take off your shoes so you don’t get my apartment all dirty. Take one step into my apartment and turn left, and you’ll see my washing machine.

So small! And I have no dryer.

To the right of the washing machine is my washroom and to the left is the toilet room. When I’m not showering in my washroom, I hang my clothes to dry in there. There’s a nifty keypad next to the door on the lefthand side that lets you choose what type of air you want to blow through the fan. The two things you see in the foreground are my refrigerator and my microwave. If we move to the right a bit to take a look above my microwave, you can see this:

Dishes! Not very many yet, and I’m hoping I don’t go overboard.

All of my dishes came from a 100 yen shop in the huge AEON shopping complex near my apartment. I thought the polka dots would be a fun touch for the apartment, and the panda glass matched the ensemble well. The panda glass actually has a green penguin brother that I was using at the time of the photograph so it’s not pictured. I absolutely had to buy the King Cola mug on the left, because the English on it made me laugh so much. The top says, “I’ll give you satisfaction,” beneath “King-Cola,” the middle says, “HAVE A NICE DAY !!” and the bottom left portion says, “An exciting taste. Why not try it once?” The back of the mug (not pictured) says, “What I want is a Cola. Deliciousness,happiness,joy… I’m at the top of the world.” The lack of spaces between commas is intentional– it’s how it’s written on the mug! The crazy amount of English was too hilarious, so I had to buy the mug. I laugh every time I read it.

Moving a step to the right of the refrigerator, we come to my stove top and sink.

Look! The mugs have migrated!

The stove is covered with towels because that’s where I dry my dishes after washing them. Of course I wait until the burners have completely cooled!

Next, if you turn ninety degrees to the right from the kitchen and take a step forward, you are now standing in the doorway to my bedroom. Here is what you’ll see!

My table! Excuse the mess on it. I don’t have many flat surfaces in the apartment.

The scarf on the table is one I bought in Kyoto when I studied abroad, and I’m so glad I thought to bring it! It just makes the table seem less… bare. Behind the table are my two sliding doors that let me out into the back. They are the only window-like implements I have in the whole apartment! It lets in fantastic morning and most of the afternoon sunlight, so I don’t need to turn the lights on in my bedroom at all. I took a photo during one of the nice days so you could see just how much light I got. Here’s what you see if you stand at the doors:

Fields! Photo taken on a cloudy day.

In the far distance, you can see the corner of a purple sign. That’s where AEON is. The sign is huge, so the store is a bit further away than what it looks, but it’s super convenient to be able to walk there when I need to. I don’t know what kind of field this is out behind the apartment, but I hope it’s a vegetable field! If so, I need to make friends with whoever owns the land! Anyway, if we turn a little bit to the right, here is what you can see:

The white building with the red stripe is the かっぱ寿司 (Kappa-zushi) restaurant that I’ve talked about in previous posts. It’s a five minute walk from home!

So, if we move so I’m standing behind the table in front of the doors, you can see my bed and the desk-like area where they put my television.

Bed and bookshelves!

The storage area under my bed is a really nice place for my suitcase! There’s still a lot of space under there, so I’m toying with the idea of making some sort of awesome fort in there for when I don’t want to be sitting on top of my bed anymore but still want a comfy place to be. It’s also most likely the place where I’ll dive under if a huge earthquake comes about. The steps leading up to my bed also are storage areas, but as of right now I don’t have anything in them. You can barely see a corner of my new printer underneath the flat surface my television is on.

Well, last but certainly not the least, meet my car!

I’m still coming up with a name for it, but I’m really REALLY toying with the idea of naming it Gerald.

It’s a Suzuki Wagon R (the “R” stands for “recreational”), and it’s a 4th generation, meaning the earliest it was made would be 2008. Pretty slick, huh? It’s really short and skinny, but that’s good because the roads here in Japan are so narrow! Just getting out of my neighborhood is an adventure because the roads are only a lane and a half wide. Usually whoever has the easier time pulling over to let the other pass by is the one to do so. I haven’t had a chance to drive the car yet (since my International Driver’s Permit still hasn’t arrived) but I look forward to testing it out when I do!

Coming up, posts about a road trip to Nikko with some fellow Koga-shi ALTs and my first day of school! Keep an eye out for them!

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  1. Jess permalink
    April 21, 2012 10:47 PM

    Your car is so cute! I also approve of the name. 🙂


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